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Big discounts on drink packages

Big discounts on drink packages for when restrictions allow us to open again.

Buy your alcoholic drinks now at Discounted prices when purchased in advance through the CrowdFunder Appeal.

Drinks vouchers will be issued for all drink packages purchased.

2 x pints of Carling £5

2 x pints of Ice Breaker or East Coast IPA  £5

2 x pints of Guinness £6

6 x 330ml bottles of Budweiser £10

2 x 187ml bottles of wine at discounted price of £5 available when COVID restrictions allow. Merlot, Rose, Sauvignon or Pinot

Any Pint and a bacon sandwich £4 available only on a Sunday morning

Any Gallon of beer £20 advertised as hand pulled in the club, available on any draught beer (Guinness, Carling or IPA) at the outside bar.

Select from the rewards on the CrowdFunder page.

Remember you can set the donation or tip part for Crowdfunder to Zero. It is optional as we do not get this payment.

Lets hope we can start and use these lonely facilities very soon.

Beverley Town Council
UK Event Associates