Playing rugby in the community since 1883

Welcome back to rugby at Beaver Park!

It’s been 18 months since we have seen competitive rugby on the ground – far too long! I hope you of all been able to stay safe during the pandemic and we look forward to welcoming all of our family back to the club over the next few weeks and months.  We welcome Old Rishworthian on Saturday the 4th for the first Yorkshire division 1 game of the season. And we are keen to show off our new team of players and coaches as well as the new facilities that we have spent a lot of time and money on during the enforced break. I hope you are able to come and support the senior teams regularly throughout the season.

Our playing numbers have dwindled somewhat, which is symptomatic of most sporting clubs. If you know of players there interested please encourage them to come and try the sport at any level we would be happy to receive all newcomers.  It will take time, but I’m confident our wonderful sport and our club will fully recover. We are putting all the required safety measuresinto the operation of the facility, and also opening up the outdoor bar area and marquee for those who don’t want to enter the enclosed bar/lounge space in the clubhouse.

It has been a really testing time for us and all of the sporting clubs that have been prohibited from doing what we do best, I have been buoyed by the brilliant efforts of our fantastic volunteers which have helped is get through the period and improve many things, some of which are more visible than others. So in summary, what’s been going on?

We have had a change In the coaching regime, our Head Coach Will Turnbull leaves the club the personal reasons, with our best wishes. I am pleased to announce that Sam Kerry will take up the role of head coach and have three very able assistant coaches in the form of Rob Smith, Phil Duboulay and Craig Hancock. I am sure you will all get behind our new coaching team.  We also have a new 2nd XV coach, Rayno De Kock has taken up the gauntlet.  Thankyou Will for all you have done for us over the past four years and to Sam, Rob, Phil, Bling & Rayno for rising to the challenge.

We have entered into a partnership with UK Events Associates to provide catering and events services to the club. Although somewhat forced upon us as a result of the pandemic, there is a real opportunity that this partnership will lead to growth and improve the quality of our facilities.  I know that Natalie Acton, who some of you will know from the mini and juniors is very enthusiastic and committed towards helping the club succeed, and I am very pleased to have on board.  Kate Dalton, who previously dealt with catering was successful in getting a full-time role, which meant she had to step down from her role at the club. She is still very much with us and picking up some other duties, and remains on the senior committee.

We have also; remodelled the kitchen, lounge and changing rooms; redecorated throughout; refurbished the showers; erected a marquee; replaced two out-buildings; and improved the pitch draining.  And there are plans for some other improvements yet to be completed.  We have been very busy, and I can reassure you that our finances are also in good order, even though we have been investing in improvements at Beaver Park.

Our ability to raise funds over the pandemic has been a big challenge – one that our magnificent members have risen to!  Thank you all that have contributed to the Crowdfunding and sponsored the members that have done exceptional fundraising work, which has been reported on the website as they have taken place – we are all very proud of you all.

A sincere thank you, to all of the committed volunteer committee members, coaches, parents, fundraisers and friends of Beverley RUFC. Because of your efforts the club can bounce back after a horrible pandemic and be a better place than it was before to come and enjoy the magnificent sport of rugby union.

Best wishes,

Brian Gilbert

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Garness Jones
Beverley Town Council
UK Event Associates