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Please note that the club contact for international tickets is Steve Spurgin.
Please direct any enquiries only to Steve by e

General Rules & Conditions

The following information applies to England international games considered as ‘Home Games’ which, generally speaking, means games to be played at Twickenham.

  • Ticket applications will only be considered from fully paid up members of the Club as defined in section 6ii of the Club Rules. (Click here).
  • Ticket applications will be limited to two per game per fully paid up member.
  • All ticket applications must be made by email in accordance with instructions published on the Club web site for the specific series of games.
  • Ticket applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.
  • Email applications will only be considered if they are sent to the email address specified for the specific series of games and to be received after the date and time specified on the Club website for the specific series of games. Any emails received before this date and time will be discarded. The purpose of this is to be totally transparent as the date and time will show in the order that emails are received.
  • All tickets purchased will be at face value plus a £5 administration fee per ticket. The administration fee will be kept by the Club.
  • Tickets are usually issued to the Club approximately two weeks prior to each game.
  • Tickets that are unwanted for whatever reason must not be resold under any circumstances. Any such tickets must be returned to the Club as early as possible for resale and refund. Although tickets are normally in high demand, resale cannot be guaranteed especially if tickets are returned within seven days of the game.
  • Details of all internationals series including application dates, ticket prices etc will be advertised on the Club website as and when the information becomes available.

These rules may change in the future
depending on RFU regulations

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Beverley Town Council
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